"Dear sociable kids thank you for every thing I learned so much from you all and I'm ready for a new life and stuff but it will be more easier because you guys taught me who make new friends being polite and make a conversation and to controls myself  thank you very much"

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​Anton of Geneva

Sociable Kidz® uses proven methodologies and a highly effective curriculum to help children grow socially with their peers and within their communities. Owner, Susan Hendler, has been an elementary teacher for the past 25 years. She regularly participates in professional development in order to improve her skills and offer a better learning experience for the children.  She provides hands-on activities, as well as games and art activities which will teach the students to become independent thinkers and learn to advocate for themselves.​ Through the use of role-plays, the children practice their social skills in a safe environment while having fun!

 Sociable Kidz®  has social skills groups for kids ages 4 to 14  plus a Kindergarten Prep Class for Preschoolers going to K in the fall. Sociable Kidz®  is taught by teachers who work in various school settings around Westchester County. The owner and director of Sociable Kidz®, Susan Hendler, has been an elementary school teacher for the past 25 years. Our mission is to take practical daily techniques we use in our classrooms and use them in our Sociable Kidz® sessions. As teachers we are constantly working on improving children's self-esteem. We work closely with the children and their families to ensure that the skills being taught are being applied.

We work with children who have learning disabilities and/or children who need to be taught social skills for interpersonal relationships with peers, family and so on. Some of us are born knowing how to interact socially with other people. Other's of us need to be taught our social skills. We provide a safe and loving environment to do this.


Classes Offered

"My 9 year old son has made amazing progress since joining Sociable Kidz®! He uses the skills he has learned to initiate and sustain conversations, and also maintain eye contact when speaking with others.  Having these skills has boosted his self-esteem and confidence when joining a group and meeting new people.  Susan provides a warm and nurturing environment, while ensuring that learning is made to be fun!  We are grateful to Susan and Sociable Kidz® for helping our son reach the next level in his social abilities."

Christine-Dobbs Ferry, New York

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Kindergarten Readiness​ (Ages 4-5) Saturdays

SK for Tweens (6-8 Grade) Saturdays

SK for Fun (K-5 Grade) Saturdays

SK Summer Fun Club (Weekdays July-August)

"My five year old daughter was having problems focusing, paying attention and keeping her hands to herself in school.  When I contacted Susan at Sociable Kidz® for help, I felt that not only did she completely understand my daughter's behavior but our frustration.  Susan was able to provide the necessary tools to deal with each behavioral issue my daughter was experiencing.  These tools not only helped out daughter, but helped us-as parents- to continue to work with her during the week.  Today, our daughter's behavior has significantly improved.  She has not only improved socially, but she has improved academically as well.  Thank you Sociable Kidz® for everything!  You are truly a lifesaver!"  

Carmen-White Plains, New York




Learn the secret to making a friend!

My five year old son has had a great deal of trouble due to extreme shyness in social situations. He can feel awkward and lacks confidence. We tried a Sociable Kidz® session while visiting New York and he loved it right away.  We have tried other social skills classes, but Sociable Kidz  session while visiting New York and he loved it right away.  We have tried other social skills classes, but Sociable Kidz® is different because it is so positive.  The kids seem to truly have fun and it emphasizes helping them to feel good about who they are.  I want my son to have confidence in who he is, not to feel like there is something wrong because he is different.  Sociable Kidz® focuses on what is right, not on what is wrong, and we love the positive atmosphere.  For example, my son's lesson on joining in included self talk for feeling okay when left out.  I love that!  Because we live in another state, my son can't attend Sociable Kidz® regularly.However, he is always made to feel welcome when we are n town and Susan kindly accommodates our schedule to let him participate.  Even though he is still a very shy child, he enjoys Sociable Kidz® even on the first day and tells me all about what he has done.  We all especially like the role playing.  He tells me the roles that he played and what he learned, and I always hear back how well he participated!  Thank you very much, Susan, for offering such a wonderful opportunity and for being so welcoming even to someone who has to participate irregularly.  I only wish we could send him more often; he loves it and we plan to send him whenever we're in town."


Social Network for Kids

​"My son has shown great improvement in his social skills after only three sessions! He now initiates conversations and will make eye contact with the other person while speaking with them.
   Susan is amazing, and her methods are a success. The tools that my son has learned has allowed him to be more confident in addressing any social situations. I highly recommend this program for any child that may have issues socially,..."

Janine-Larchmont, New York

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